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Who make up the Committee?

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee that manages the World Forum on Food Tourism UNWTO-BCC was set up on November 11, 2014. This Committee has the following members:

  • Joxe Mari Aizega, Director, Basque Culinary Center
  • Yolanda Perdomo, Director of the Affiliate Members Programme, UNWTO
  • Omar Valdez, Director of UNWTO Themis Foundation
  • Iker Ruiz de Eguino, Tourism Director of the Guipuzkoa Provincial Council
  • Josu Mirena Ruiz Martín, Donostia-San Sebastian Councillor for Tourism
  • Arantza Madariaga Aberaturi, Director of Basquetour
  • Manu Narváez, Director, San Sebastian Tourism
  • Iñaki Gaztelumendi, Technical Director, Global Forum Director 
Committee of International Experts

The Technical Committee approved the convening in December 2014 of a Preparatory Committee to prepare the content of the World Forum on Food Tourism UNWTO-BCC. This Preparatory Committee is made up of members of the Technical Committee and a Committee of International Experts. The Committee of International is made up of:

  • Iñaki Gaztelumendi. Spain. Technical Director, Global Forum
  • Pedro Subijana. Spain. Chef
  • Greg Richards. UK
  • Erik Wolf. World Food Travel Association. USA
  • Marc Canavaggia. France
  • Amora Carbajal. Peru
  • Amy Hovstadius. Sweden
  • Vittorio Castellani. Italy